On this site, you’ll find ideas you can use to make parenting your newborn baby more manageable and more enjoyable!

I’ll share:

  • Research-based information: about breastfeeding, newborn care, managing daily life, and parenting skills that help you become the parent you want to be.
  • Resources for parents: links to great articles on a wide variety of topics and information about Seattle area services for families.
  • Realistic recommendations: as a new parent, you’ll have a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. There will be times when you’re feeling successful, and feeling like you’ve got the hang of this parenting thing. And there will be other times, when you’re holding a screaming baby, that you feel like a total failure. From my perspective after 20 years of parenting my kids, and 18 years as a parent educator, I know that we all have moments when we are the fabulous perfect parent and we all have moments where we’re truly crappy parents. We can only hope that in the long run, our kids can say that there were more good days than bad days. I’m here to share a little advice, support, and reassurance to help you have more good days.

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